Washington Cremation Services

Call the Washington Smart Cremation office at (503) 402-2578 for help with:

  • Washington at-need cremation services
  • Cremation pre-planning for Washington families
  • Special veteran’s cremation plans
  • No-hidden cost cremations

Immediate Need

Washington state residents who have recently lost a loved one rely on Smart Cremation for all at-need cremation services. Why choose Smart Cremation as your cremation provider? We provide:

  • Affordable cremation services for Washington families
  • Easy-to-understand, plain-language cremation plans with no hidden costs
  • A variety of cremation plans to make it easy to find something within your family’s budget that meets your family’s needs

Call our Washington cremation specialists at (503) 402-2578 to begin your immediate need cremation arrangements.

Preneed Cremation

Preneed cremation planning couldn’t get any easier than working with our Washington Smart Family Arrangers to complete your cremation planning. The benefits of preneed Washington cremation planning include:

  • Save your family the stress of making end-of-life arrangements if you should pass unexpectedly
  • Fund your cremation plan on your own schedule, instead of leaving your family with a big bill when you die
  • Make your own choices about which cremation plan you’d prefer and how you’d like to handle your cremated remains
  • Save on cremation costs by securing today’s rates when you pre-fund your plan
  • Receive compassionate care from our Smart Family Arrangers, who come to your home and help you select the cremation services best suited to your needs

Make your wishes known and have your own say about your end-of-life preferences when you pre-plan your Washington cremation. Call our Smart Family Arrangers at (503) 402-2578 to begin your cremation preplanning.

Veterans Cremation

Specialized veteran’s cremation services are available for our veterans in Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia, and surrounding communities within our Washington service area. These services include:

  • Affordable veteran cremation plans
  • A free Veteran’s Cremation Kit that explains your rights and government benefits
  • Scheduling with the National Cemetery to arrange service location, time, and date
  • Arranging the honors, including a Presidential Certificate and a flag for presentation
  • Managing the marker or columbarium inscription

Our staff arranges the disposition permit ,and sees that the urn is delivered to the National Cemetery, unless your family would prefer to say that final farewell in person. Call our Washington Smart Cremation office today for help with veteran’s cremation services: (503) 402-2578.

Cremation Process

The Washington cremation process involves an array of details that many families find daunting in a time of loss. When you choose Smart Cremation, our Smart Family Arrangers handle these details for you, including:

  • Arranging permits and paperwork
  • Dealing with the death certificate, and getting the requested number of copies for the family
  • Setting up transportation arrangements for the deceased
  • Handling the cremation
  • Making arrangements to return the urn to you, or have the remains scattered at sea

Call our knowledgeable Smart Family Arrangers at (503) 402-2578 to ask about our Smart Assurance Identification System to monitor and protect your loved one, or any other questions you might have about the Washington state cremation process.

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Servicing All of Washington

With licenses to operate in California, Arizona, Washington and Oregon, Smart Cremation can service any city within these states.

Our unique service allows us to offer affordable pre-arranged cremation plans and immediate need cremation services.

You can plan everything from the comfort of your home with our compassionate team of Smart Family Arrangers.