How pre-planning and prepaid cremation plans can save thousands

Regarding end-of-life planning, many people don’t realize how beneficial it is to plan ahead until they’re deep in the midst of dealing with a loved one’s unexpected passing. Don’t put your family through that stressful process. Plan ahead for your cremation, and let your family enjoy the benefits of your cremation pre-planning foresight.

Many choose cremation today because of the substantial cost savings versus traditional burial. When you plan ahead, you save even more on cremation costs by:

  • Eliminating emotional spending in your family’s time of loss
  • Locking in today’s affordable cremation costs when you prepay
  • Choosing only the services that are most important to you, and eliminating unnecessary cremation expenses

When you preplan with Smart Cremation, you never have to worry about hidden cremation costs. We make it a point to use plain-language cremation documents and carefully explain cremation costs to you so you’re never caught off-guard by hidden cremation expenses.

Additionally, we promise to keep your money safe. We’ll secure your prepaid funds in a state-approved trust account until your family needs the money to pay for your cremation. Learn more today.

Benefits of Cremation Planning

The emotional benefits of preplanning your cremation are substantial. First, when you preplan cremation, you save your family from going through this emotionally taxing process at a time when they should be mourning their loss. Cremation planning after a loss requires families to focus on myriad details and make decisions quickly – which is both unpleasant and potentially costly when they’re emotionally compromised.

When you preplan cremation, you take the emotional decision-making out of the process. Your family simply calls to set the cremation in motion, and we’ll follow your cremation plan and handle the details so your family doesn’t have to deal with it. By doing this in advance, you save your family from the emotional spending that often accompanies compromised decision-making after a loss.

Finally, you get the benefit of making your own decisions about your end-of-life wishes. When you preplan your cremation, you get the opportunity to express your wishes to your family. This helps ensure that your wishes are honored. Additionally, this eliminates conflict within your family because they’ll know what you want – they won’t be left to guess or argue about your last wishes.

Enjoy the Simplicity of Pre-Planning Cremation

We strive to make it easy to preplan your cremation. When you call Smart Cremation to plan ahead, we’ll send a Smart Family Arranger to your home to help you make your arrangements – at a time that’s convenient to you. Alternately, you can ask questions by phone or online – whatever you’d prefer.

Call Smart Cremation at (503) 402-2578 to request a free guide, or to schedule a time for our Smart Family Arranger to visit and help you begin your cremation preplanning. Learn more today.