Smart Advantage: Exclusive Family Assurance

The Smart Advantage is summarized best in one simple sentiment: we’ll take care of your family in your time of need. Every component of our Smart Advantage, from our process to our people, is designed to ensure that your family is cared for at every step of the cremation process. We believe that saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult enough without problems with a provider, so we strive to make your cremation experience as simple, convenient, and pain-free as possible.

Our Process

When you call us after the death of a loved one, we take your loved one into our care in a prompt and professional manner. We make all the arrangements, starting with transporting your loved one. We also:

  • Prepare the paperwork pertaining to a loved one’s death, including disposition of permits and deliverance of signed and authorized death certificates.
  • Secure the necessary signatures and take care of filing the death certificate in the county of death.
  • Obtain a cremation and/or disposition permit.
  • File the death certificate and make it available at the local County Registrar for the family to obtain copies.

Once we take your loved one into our care, we use the Smart Assurance Identification System to ensure that your loved one is continuously monitored throughout the cremation process, all the way to the point when the cremated remains are handed over to your family.

You never have to worry about what’s happening with your loved one; our process is designed to provide security and peace of mind while your loved one is in our care.

When you use Smart Cremation, our process is designed to minimize your involvement and handle the tedious details and paperwork so your family can focus on grieving and planning your final farewell to your loved one.

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Our Care

Our Smart Family Arrangers are here to help. We promise to treat all of our client families and their loved ones with the professionalism, respect, and compassion they deserve. We use our many years of professional experience to provide exceptional care for your family, and let you focus on your family in this time of grief.

Additionally, we strive to accommodate your needs for the timing of all matters pertaining to the cremation, from the time of services to cremation and the delivery of cremated remains.

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Our People

Our Smart Family Arrangers bring the Smart Advantage to life by making the cremation planning process simple and convenient. Our experienced professionals explain all your pre-planning and cremation options, answer any questions you have about the cremation planning process, and help you select the best cremation options for you and your family.

Our Smart Family Arrangers help you in whatever way is most convenient to you. We’ll facilitate your cremation arrangements online, by telephone, or even via fax. We’re happy to provide the personal touch by coming to your home or another place of your choosing to help you finalize arrangements.

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No Hidden Cremation Costs

We believe that families should know what they’re paying for when they arrange a cremation, so we use a plain-language document with no hidden or unexpected charges. When you arrange a cremation with our Smart Family Arrangers, you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it costs.

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Veterans Benefits

If you’re a veteran, or if you’re arranging cremation for a veteran, we’ve designed special supports for you and your family. Call us or fill out our online form to receive a Free Veteran’s Cremation Kit that explains your VA rights, and answer any questions you have about veteran’s cremation before you make your arrangements.

We work with the National Cemetery Scheduling Office to arrange the service, location, date, time, honors, inscription, and Presidential Certificate, as well as obtain the flag for presentation. We arrange the proper disposition permit and arrange for the urn’s delivery to the National Cemetery by our staff – all at no charge to you.

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