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Our experienced, caring team will patiently walk you through the Smart Spokane Cremation Plan Benefits, including:

  • Saving Up To 44% Over Traditional Funeral
  • Receiving Unparalleled Personal Service
  • Reviewing Plans & Options for Any Budget

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Preneed Cremation

The last thing anyone wants to think about is their own mortality. However, planning for the future is the smarter choice. Not only do you take control of your family’s finances, but you also clearly spell out your final wishes. Opt for a preplanned Smart Spokane Cremation that:

  • Details exactly what your cremation budget is to be.
  • Provides comfort for your surviving family members while removing all doubt about your wishes.
  • Saves your family money in the long run by allowing you to set aside cremation funds today.
  • Offers far more options for final disposition than a traditional burial.

Your pre-planned Spokane cremation will go a long way in relieving your family of the added burden of not knowing how it is that you want to be remembered. Talk to Smart Cremation about preplanning your Spokane cremation call us today at (503) 402-2578.

Someone Has Died

Call Smart Cremation anytime, night or day, at (503) 402-2578 to get help now.

Loss, and the grief that follows, can be among the most stressful situations we will face in life. Smart Cremation’s Spokane Cremation services are here to help you through each step, all the while ensuring your loved one receives the proper care and respect they deserve. Our staff:

  • Begins planning your Spokane cremation after obtaining the proper information from the family.
  • Arranges a cremation service that is considerate of your needs and budget.
  • Oversees the completion and filing of all necessary paperwork.
  • Provides a custom, personalized online memorial page where friends and family can share their most cherished memories of your loved one.

It is important to know that you are not alone during this difficult time. Smart Cremation’s Smart Family Arrangers are here to help you find peace of mind: (503) 402-2578.

Veteran Cremation

Veterans of our nation’s armed services are deserving of our respect. Smart Cremation ensures your veteran’s dignified cremation ceremony is worthy of your loved one’s service to our country. We offer:

  • A FREE Veteran’s Spokane Cremation Guide to help you plan your Spokane cremation.
  • Comprehensive assistance in obtaining any and all earned honors, including the Presidential Certificate.
  • Facilitation of a post-cremation interment or burial in a National Cemetery.
  • Our expert cremation management protocols, designed to ensure your loved one is treated with respect and dignity.

You can receive your free Veteran’s Spokane Cremation Guide by calling (503) 402-2578.

Cremation Process

At Smart Cremation, we are not satisfied until you are comfortable with every step of the cremation process. We will explain:

  • Properly completing the correct forms and receiving the death certificate.
  • How your loved one is respectfully transported to our cremation facility.
  • Making all necessary arrangements, including the scheduling of the cremation.
  • Receiving the cremated remains of your loved one at our facility, and deciding upon a decorative urn, scattering service, or other preferred form of final disposition.

Why Should I Pre-Plan My Spokane Cremation?

Washingtonians have long understood that the Spokane cremation process is simple, respectful, and a greener alternative to burial. When you’re looking to have the stress of the cremation process alleviated, partner with Smart Cremation today to pre-plan all of your Spokane cremation needs. We will work with you to create a comprehensive cremation plan that outlines your specific wishes to ensure that your family has more time to celebrate your life and not be burdened with having to finance and arrange your final burial.

If you have questions about the Spokane cremation process or if you are ready to pre-plan your cremation, give our professional and knowledgeable staff at Smart Cremation a call today.

We look forward to working with you for all of your Spokane cremation needs and servicing you with compassion and dignity. Give us a call at (503) 402-2578.

With licenses to operate in California, Arizona, Washington and Oregon, Smart Cremation can service any city within these states.

Our unique service allows us to offer affordable pre-arranged cremation plans and immediate need cremation services.

You can plan everything from the comfort of your home with our compassionate team of Smart Family Arrangers.