Truckee California Cremation Services

Smart Cremation believes that Truckee cremation services should be easy to arrange, so we offer:

  • Cremation pre-planning services in the comfort of your own home
  • Easy-to-understand paperwork written in plain language
  •  Affordable Truckee veterans’ cremations, immediate need cremations, and cremation pre-planning options

In addition to the residents of Truckee, Smart Cremation provides cremation services to the residents of nearby Olympic Valley and Tahoe City, as well as many other California communities. Call (503) 402-2578 to speak with a Smart Family Arranger about your Truckee cremation.

Preneed Cremation

Preplanning your Truckee cremation is a powerful tool that gives you an opportunity to save on cremation costs and let your family know what you want. When you choose Smart Cremation for your Truckee cremation pre-planning services, you enjoy:

  • Convenient cremation preplanning help in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule
  • Affordable Truckee cremation plans that let you save money by paying today and avoiding potential price increases in future cremation costs
  • Flexible cremation options, including cremation plans that move with you wherever you go

Call us today at (503) 402-2578 for help with your Truckee preneed cremation planning.

Someone Has Died

What’s involved in setting up a Truckee cremation? Families find this process daunting in a time of loss because it requires them to:

  • Make decisions quickly to ensure the Truckee cremation occurs in a timely manner
  • Juggle multiple contacts to handle everything from transporting the remains to setting up the cremation itself – and filing the required paperwork
  • Decipher confusing agreements and misleading price lists to figure out what you’re actually getting, and what it all costs

Smart Cremation knows how difficult it is for grieving families to arrange an immediate Truckee cremation. That’s why we handle all of these details for you – so you don’t have to do it. Call our experienced staff at (503) 402-2578 and let us take care of your Truckee cremation arrangements.

Veterans Cremation

Your Truckee veteran’s cremation service doesn’t have to be a complicated process. When you work with Smart Cremation, we take care of the most important details of your veteran’s cremation in Truckee, including:

  • Getting military honors for your loved one
  • Arranging interment in a National Cemetery
  • Setting up the Truckee veteran’s cremation itself

Do you have questions about the Truckee veteran’s cremation process? Are you ready to begin planning? Call us at (530) 605-2867 to speak with a Smart Family Arranger.

Cremation Process

Smart Cremation aims to simplify the Truckee cremation process. Instead of leaving you with a host of details to manage, our experienced staff takes care of all of the logistical challenges – freeing you to focus on your family. We deliver compassionate care to families who are in the midst of a difficult time of loss. We use processes designed to provide peace of mind, such as the Smart Assurance Identification System chain of custody monitoring process. We’re here to handle every aspect of the Truckee cremation process so your family can focus on what’s important in this difficult time.

Call today to speak with a Truckee Smart Family Arranger at (503) 402-2578.

With licenses to operate in California, Arizona, Washington and Oregon, Smart Cremation can service any city within these states.

Our unique service allows us to offer affordable pre-arranged cremation plans and immediate need cremation services.

You can plan everything from the comfort of your home with our compassionate team of Smart Family Arrangers.