For more than a few years, the upward trajectory that represented the acceptance and selection of cremation for one’s end-of-life planning has pointed to the year 2015. While it was always estimated that this would be the year that more North American’s would opt for cremation over a traditional burial, the figures are already in. According to data supplied by the National Funeral Directors Association, cremations in 2015 have been selected by 48.5% of individuals, while traditional burial was the choice of only 45.6%.

But Why Cremation?

Talk to anyone who has already included a preplanned cremation for their end-of-life needs and you will hear many of the benefits that cremation provides over a traditional burial. From a lower cost to a greener footprint to the multitude of options available for final disposition, cremation is soon on its way to existing as a plurality to becoming the first choice for, (according to NFDA data), upwards of 71% of individuals and families.

The rational self-interest of cost and final disposition options is only one reason why American consumers are opting for cremation over burial, though. Social scientists believe the increase in cremations is also likely tied to the increased mobility and relocation of individuals and families from traditional family enclaves. College, work, and other circumstances means it is far more likely that we will not live our lives in the town, city, or even region of our birth. This displacement has rendered a permanent burial location unnecessary to many families.

Your End-of-Life Plan

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