Swimming with the Fishes Just Got A Lot More Pleasant

We love The Sopranos as much as the next person, but when we talk about swimming with the fishes in this article, we mean something much nicer. If you plan to be cremated but don’t know what to do with your ashes, read on. We’ve got an idea that’s a lot more relaxing than cement shoes.

A Trend That Transforms

By 2019,  two out of four Americans will be cremated when they die. That’s a lot of ashes for the living to maintain. Traditional methods for handling ashes include

  • urn gardens
  • burial in a family plot
  • spreading the ashes
  • keeping the ashes in an urn at home.

All of these methods still rank as popular solutions for cremains care. Most people like the idea of their ashes being kept close to loved ones. But some people like to shake things up, even in death.

Those types want to help the environment by undergoing cremation to save land space. Many of them don’t know that their remains can help preserve the earth. One way to do this is by transforming their ashes into an eternal reef.

One with the Sea

Becoming an eternal reef means that a person’s cremated ashes are used to make a reef that is placed in the ocean forever. Multiple sets of ashes can also be placed into one reef to make a larger reef. The reefs help preserve the marine environment, including its creatures. It’s the newest, most efficient way to spread your ashes at sea. And by the way, let’s talk about that.

In our line of work, we hear a lot of questions about spreading ashes at sea. We handle that request all the time, but it’s not as easy as people think it will be in terms of how they need to prepare. The EPA demands certain procedures be followed. Reefs offer a carbon-footprint reducing solution to the difficulties of spreading ashes at sea. The deceased become one with the sea plus help its inhabitants.

Even if following the guidelines won’t be a problem for your loved ones, it makes sense to recycle your cremains into something that protects the very planet that influenced your cremation choice in the first place.

Why It Works

The idea behind eternal reefs is that a reef made of cremains replaces the natural reefs that are drying out due to climate change. This means you’re helping to sustain sea creatures who might be suffering from the degradation of natural reefs. When those creatures see your reef, they won’t know that’s it not a part of their natural environment. However, over time, your cremains will actually become part of their eco-system. You’ll create life, even in death.

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