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However, our job includes more than just arranging cremations.

We also discuss:

  • Grief and being unprepared for sudden death.
  • How to handle ashes.
  • Veteran funerals and final resting places in military cemeteries.
  • Transport across state lines.
  • and much more.

Believe us, we’ve heard it all: family fights, secrets, fears. We also hear a lot of strange requests and questions. Let’s look at a few of them right now, and see what the law says about them.

Can I Be Cremated Naked?

Sure, you can go out like you came in. A birthday suit always fits. Even better, it doesn’t need dry cleaning.

All joking aside, if you want to have a sevice prior to the cremation, it’s customary for the deceased to wear clothes. It’s quite traumatic for people to see a person they love in repose. Seeing a loved one naked in repose is something that most people just can’t handle.

Consider the state of one’s body after death. A lot happens after dying. A lot happens during before and during death, too. But if none of this deters you, then you can certainly be creamated without wearing clothes.

Generally speaking, if there’s no service then people are cremated in the clothes they arrive in—sometimes that’s hospital gowns, something full suits. The law won’t prevent you from being naked if that’s what you want.

Do You Do Anything Weird to My Ashes Right After Cremation?

Here’s the thing: Cremation doesn’t create ashes per se. It creates pulverized bone fragments. Larger bone frgaments, to be more precise.

After the cremation, these bone fragments get processed until they look like ashes. This is what we give to families. The cremains look like sand. This is standard procedure, the only way it’s done.

It’s impossible to burn a body to ashes in the way most people think it happens. Surely you’ve watched CSI? And nothing weird is done to your ashes.

Do I Have to Use a Casket?

No law mandates the use of a casket.

Federal law prevents a funeral home from demanding that you purchase a casket from them. The consumer has the right to pick a low-cost casket from another source. However, as previously stated, a casket is not necessary.

Alternatives to a casket exist so never feel forced into buying something expensive. It makes no sense to save money on a burial by cremating someone in an expensive casket. That’s not how we do business at Smart Cremation.

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