Smart Cremation Reviews

It’s hard to remember a time before online customer reviews. In fact, before websites like Yelp!, the iTunes Store, Amazon, and others solicited critical feedback from individuals on everything from books, films, restaurants, and other assorted products and services, if someone wanted to laud or lambaste a company, it required a pen, paper, stamps, and an envelope.

According to Yelp! founder and CEO, Jeremy Stoppelman, there was little certainty in the beginning that his venture would become what it is today. “In the very beginning, Yelp started as a service where we really didn’t think people would write reviews for fun,” he stated. “The whole concept of user-generated content was pretty nascent in 2004.”

Some years on, Smart Cremation, like most every other business, relies on customer reviews to reinforce areas of their business where they are excelling and to identify any opportunities for improvement in the delivery of their service. Customer reviews provide:

  • Positive feedback for our Smart Family Arrangers.
  • Improvement opportunities for the entire Smart Cremation family.
  • Customers the ability to highlight service that exceeded their expectations.
  • Guidance for families and individuals considering Smart Cremation for their cremation planning and preplanning needs.

Smart Cremation values each and every review our customers submit to us directly or on our behalf to any of the online review websites. We also appreciate when any of our less-satisfied families give us the opportunity to meet and exceed their expectations. We at Smart Cremation are confident that our concierge-level of customer service is what has brought families back when they are wanting to preplan cremation arrangements for another member of their family.

Contact Smart Cremation today and let our Smart Family Arrangers provide you with all information regarding the entire cremation process. When you have experienced the signature service we are known for, take a few moments and write a review of your own.