Shine On

Many people who choose to be cremated envision their ashes in an urn or spread out over a favorite spot. That’s perfectly normal, and those are plans we hear frequently here at Smart Creation. But some people are choosing to shine on in the hearts and minds of the people they love, all while resting on their beloved’s finger. Or dangling from their ears. Or wrapping around their neck. Before you suffer a panic attack, it’s nothing too shocking in terms of physicality. We’re talking about converting cremains into a  diamond.

How You’ll Look

The stones made from cremains are stunning.

The human body contains trace amounts of boron. It plays a role in bone formation. When people are cremated and their ashes used to make diamonds, the resulting diamonds are usually blue. That’s because of the boron. An excess of boron turns a diamond black. Other factors affecting a diamond’s color include

  • fake teeth
  • titanium hips
  • traces of chemotherapy.

Companies that do this sort of work are familiar with the families response to color. Boron blue hues remind some people of their loved one’s eyes. If the cremains belong to a blonde, loved ones see traces of yellow as a sign of that person’s hair.

The variety of designs can be a bit overwhelming, especially because you’re talking about morphing the essence of someone you love into a piece of jewelry. Or, you’re talking about doing that to your own ashes. But if you think about keeping a deceased person you love close both physically as well as spirituality, it makes perfect sense.

How Much Ash Is Used

It takes about a pound of cremains to make a diamond. The longer the process, the bigger the diamond. But “how much” can also apply to cost, and the process is not cheap. Most diamond transformations cost between $5000 to $20,000. However, given the cost of the average American funeral, maybe it makes more sense to pay for something everlasting rather than a funeral with a burial.

After all, we know which of the two is a nicer reminder in the end.

The remaining cremains can be kept in an urn, spread on a favorite spot, or turned into an eternal reef. A lot of options exist, which may be surprising. Few people think about options pertaining to death, but they do exist.

Plan Now

It also makes perfect sense to plan ahead for end of life matters. The thing about end of life matters is they need to be planned because end of life can’t be planned. Few of us know when it’s coming. That’s why you should talk to us about arranging your cremation ahead of time. Then you can decide how you want your ashes to be preserved and start making arrangments for that.

We’re Here, No Matter What

Smart Cremation understands that’s it‘s difficult to think about these things. But when the time comes to make arrangements, working with us is going to make a difficult process easier. We want to hear from you whether you want your ashes in an urn or you want to shine on as a diamond. Call us today: 844-305-4531.