Put Your Scam Fears to Rest

Being taking advantage of by a crematorium is an old fear that many people still experience. As professionals in the business, we don’t take offense over this because it’s understandable. After all, a body goes in and ashes come out, which makes it hard to prove who underwent cremation.

Once you understand the physical limitations and cost to run such a scam, you understand why it makes no sense to do this in modern America.

Physical Constraints

A crematory is not large enough to hold more than one body with ease. That’s why it’s illegal to cremate more than one body at a time. This is true all over the U.S.

The size of the bodies never matter. Crematories are designed to hold one body at a time. Now, most adult ashes weigh around five pounds but can range anywhere from three to ten. If for some reason a crematorium regularly produced massive amounts of ashes at once, then it would be cause for alarm.

But from a practical standpoint, no crematorium will try to cheat people by servicing more than one body at a time because doing so damages the crematory. Maybe a crematorium could get away with doing this a few times. Still, such a scam would eventually prevent any cremations from occurring at all because the damage would hurt the crematorium. It could also cause a dangerous situation for the staff.

As far as scams go, it’s one that earns none of the scam artists any sort of profit. Here at Smart Cremation, we call it a dumb plan. Trust us: it’s not going to happen.

Going In Together Willingly

Okay, but what about people who want to be cremated together?

We get this request all the time. Even if you want to be cremated with another person, it’s still not legal. Let’s look at the request logically.

We mentioned the physical constraints. Even if the crematoriums were larger, U.S. law would probably still prevent multiple bodies being cremated at once because it would make scamming people with random ashes much easier. Also, it makes it too hard to separate the remains, even if running a legit operation.

You may think that separation wouldn’t be necessary after a joint cremation, but remaining family members might want to evenly split the ashes. People argue over ashes. By the way: The sharing of ashes should be stipulated in a will!

Besides, how often do people die together so they can be cremated together? It’s rare. Unless we’re talking about accidents, there’s no way to really plan for a cremation in this way, even if the crematories were bigger.

And forget preserving your body to wait for your loved one to pass so you can be cremated on the same day. No one can house your body in this manner. Well…almost no one. You could pay hundred of thousands of dollars to freeze it.

What a bargain.

We’re not sure if a company would freeze a body only so it could be cremated later, though. It just seems like a waste of time and money. Make things easy on yourself. Use the services of Smart Cremation.

We Honor Your Requests

A cremation takes the place of a traditional burial, although it is possible to bury ashes in certain areas.

If you want to spend eternity with your significant other but both of you want to be cremated, arrange to have your ashes buried or spread together.

Check out our Free Checklist then give Smart Cremation a call to arrange a time to discuss your options. If it’s legal, we’ll do it. We’re open 24/7: 844-305-4531.