When Your Loved One Receives a Terminal Diagnosis

If someone you love receives a terminal diagnosis, feelings often distort your ability to function. But time stops for no one and it’s important to seek assistance with daily activities that ease your burdens, such as

  • getting help around the house
  • getting help with errands
  • getting help with end of life care.
Now is not the time to play the martyr. The situation is agonizing and a lack of assistance will magnify your emotions.

Recognize Everchanging Moods

The emotions that arise in this situation are varied. They seem to come and go with no apparent pattern. You can expect to feel
  • anger
  • denial
  • depression
  • fear
  • guilt
  • helplessness
  • impatience

and any combination of the above.

Share the Pain

Some people feel that they don’t have a right to experience these emotions. They view them as a distraction, or as a sign of selfishness. After all, they’re not the ones who are dying.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to help a terminally ill loved one, you must be able to function with some sense of control. If you keep things bottled up, you risk making the situation worse for both of you by losing control or withdrawing into yourself.

Now is a good time to seek counsel from trusted family and friends who’ve been through this before. Or you can speak with a religious guide or a professional grief counselor. You can also speak with a group like HOSPICE or a medical doctor. Don’t struggle through it alone.

You might even find that your loved one wants to talk about the end of life, but feels like it might make things worse for you. Ask what they want to do then follow their lead. It could lead to wonderful opportunities to express love and forgiveness.

Make End of Life Plans

It’s scary to think about funerals or other end of life plans for a loved one. But there’s a lot to cover and it’s best to clarify what’s needed. If the person has never given thought to this, now is the time to find out what he or she wants. Again, the best thing to do is wait until things feel relaxed then ask. Keep the following tips in mind:
  • Ask if it’s okay to talk about a funeral and finances. Don’t impose and don’t demand that you talk.
  • If the person’s not up to talking at the moment, schedule a time to speak.
  • If possible, leave some information for your loved one to review.
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Contact Smart Cremation

Cremation saves money on funeral costs because it saves money on the purchase of a casket. It also saves money on burial plots. In fact, families who choose cremation save up to 44% on the cost of burial. It’s still possible to have a funeral or a life celebration for someone who has undergone cremation.

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