About Smart Cremation

For over a decade Smart Cremation has put in place thousands of prearrangement plans across the country for families just like yours. Our purpose is to give families the very best in care at the very worst time; when they’ve lost someone close to them. We cannot take away the grief and stress that loss brings, but we can help to carry those burdens alongside you.

In the last several years Smart Cremation has been adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s families. As more and more individuals are choosing cremation over traditional burial, our priority is to connect an experienced team of Advisors with as many people as possible, so they can learn first-hand about the options we offer;

What sets Smart Cremation Apart from Other Cremation Providers?

  • Straightforward, plain-language cremation plans that won’t surprise you with hidden costs
  • Assurance that your cremation plan will stay intact, while traveling abroad or if you relocate with the U.S.

At the core, though, what sets Smart Cremation apart is our people. We’re real people, and we’ll treat your family like real people, too. We strive to deliver a hassle-free, no-stress cremation planning experience, and we promise to always treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve.

Cremation Professionals to Serve Your Family

To simplify the process of planning your cremation, we give you Smart Family Arrangers, experienced industry professionals who come to your home and help you choose the best cremation options for your family. Our compassionate staff is just a phone call away, and we’ve got the experience to help your family with all of your cremation needs – whether you’ve recently lost a loved one and are planning an immediate need cremation, or whether you’re pre-planning your cremation to prevent strain on your family in their time of loss and to make your final wishes known. Call us anytime at (844) 815-2508 to speak to our knowledgeable cremation professionals.

Smart Cremation is part of the NorthStar Memorial Group, a privately held funeral, cremation, and memorialization company founded by career professionals who believe that passion, accountability, courage, and trust are key. We are a family of experienced funeral service professionals with a passion to make a difference in the celebration of life.

Our Executive Team


Sam Upton
Senior Vice President Sales


Vinnie Faccinto
Senior Vice President of Operations and Business Development