Our parents and grandparents have, no doubt, shared stories about penny candy, nickel movies, and new home prices that were a fraction of the price of a car today. Increase in the cost of goods and services is as certain as the rise of the sun each morning.

Citizens in the capital city of Edinburgh, Scotland are reeling from the second rise in price of cremation in as many years, and charities and grief counselors are concerned the cost of cremation, now as much as $150 USD higher than elsewhere in the nation, could affect the grieving process so much it could trigger mental illness.

“For most people,” stated Stewart Wilson, chief executive officer of Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland, “grief is not an illness but a natural, albeit a painful, process through which they will emerge in time. However, the impact of other stresses can prevent that process, and lead to a complicated grieving pattern which does require costly intervention and can precipitate major mental health issues.

“Clearly debt, and the stigma attached to not having been able to pay for a loved one’s funeral, is one such major stress.”

The grieving process is a natural life occurrence that each of us will experience as we progress through life. We should not have to endure additional burden at a time we are most in shock. Neither should our family be forced to endure added hardship as a result of unexpected and increased costs at the time of our own passing.

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