Thinking about funeral arrangements can be one of the most stressful decisions you or your family may have to make. When a loved one passes, there are a lot of emotions for all those involved and having to plan arrangements can make it even harder for loved ones to grieve. So, why not eliminate the stress and pre-plan your own arrangements. Pre-planning has a host of benefits that can ensure that you get your last wishes fulfilled and that your family will be able to spend their time truly commemorating and celebrating your life. With Smart Cremation, we make the pre-planning process seamless guaranteeing that you will.

Have Peace of Mind

Without pre-planning or a very detailed will, your final wishes may not be carried out as you had hoped. By working with Smart Cremation to pre-plan your cremation services, you are able to take control and make the choices and decisions that are right for you and aligned to your wishes. Your final arrangements will be all set and your loved ones will not be required to make any additional decisions during their time of grieving.

Save Money

Like everything in life, the unfortunate reality is that even funeral costs will continue to climb. When you pre-plan and pre-pay for a smart cremation, you lock in today’s price and avoid having to pay later, at a higher cost. Cremations are statistically more economical than traditional burials, but by locking in the cost today you can save even more. When you work with Smart Cremation, we place your prepaid funds in a state-approved trust account, where they will stay until the funds are needed to pay for your cremation.

Reduce Family Conflict

At, Smart Cremation, we can’t eliminate the somewhat entertaining holiday family arguments, but by pre-planning your cremation, you can avoid any future conflicts that may arise over your final burial plans. This way your will and final wishes are not up for debate or subjected to five different interpretations. Now, you can make your wishes clear and have your memorial services carried out exactly how you had envisioned.

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