Get a Move-On with Cremation

One of the benefits of choosing cremation over traditional burial is freedom. Yes, here at Smart Cremation, we offer financial freedom from the overbearing costs of paying for a coffin and a burial, but that’s been pretty well documented. We’re talking about another kind of freedom.

Made to Move

Statistics reveal that the average American moves 11.3 times. We’re not sure about what that .3 looks like in terms of a move, but tiny houses are big these days. Whatever the size of the home, Americans are made to move.

Your loved ones plan to

  • buy new houses
  • change jobs
  • relocate to new cities.

Maybe nothing’s been decided about where they’ll go. Maybe they can’t imagine ever leaving where they live now. But life surprises us all. And if you have young children, they may not have decided much of anything.

There’s no reason to tie any of them down with the care of a burial plot. Look at eternity in a whole new way: Hit the road.

No Debt, No Guilt

A good deal of the country has already caught on to this. In recent years, 1 in 2 Americans have chosen cremation over traditional burial. The overwhelming costs of a traditional burial showed people what a lifesaver cremation can be.

Honestly, the sticker price almost kills many people who show up to plan a traditional funeral. The budgets of those left behind take a severe blow, especially without planning ahead. The average cost of a coffin alone is right at $2000. If you want loved ones to carry on with life, don’t let a coffin and burial make that impossible by putting them in what amounts to a financial hole.

Let them use their money to move, to travel, to invest.

An Urn Is Light on the Budget and the Feet

Some people do opt to have their ashes buried, but maybe after reading this, they will think about things a bit differently. Choose an urn for the home instead. An urn in the home means that loved ones can pay their respects whenever they desire. Even better, it means they will continue to live their lives without being tied down by care for a burial plot and guilt for not visiting.

Death: A Certain Future

One thing we all know about the future is that some point in it, we all die.

Believe it or not, dying is more common than moving.

Most people hate dwelling on this fact of life. But it is a fact of life so it’s better to plan for dying while you’re still alive. Make sure your affairs are in order and unexpected costs don’t blindside your loved ones by taking advantage of a free cremation consultation with us.

We will provide you with information on how to store your ashes, and you can pick an urn ahead of time. It is wise and kind to do this before the need arises so arrange this matter before you die. If you plan ahead, it allows your loved ones the time to grieve without death arrangement interruptions. You want your loved ones to get back to living life, and take you with them.