Why Cremation Is Increasing in Popularity for Death Planning Purposes

According to recent surveys, when it comes to death planning, 50% of Americans are choosing cremation over traditional casket burials. This marks the highest cremation preference rate in the country’s history. Yet, this is actually not a new trend. Over the past 30 years, the rate of cremations has increased dramatically. This is because:

  • They are more affordable
  • Many religious denominations are more progressive
  • The population overall is less religious
  • They are “green”
  • They make death planning more streamlined and simplistic

Funeral industry experts expect the popularity of cremations will continue to rise, as many states have started adopting new regulations for more humane procedures, like alkaline hydrolysis (aka: water cremation). When asked why cremation is their preferred option for death planning, most people say because it’s a lower financial burden. Traditional, casket funerals cost anywhere between $6,000 to over $15,000. Costs of this magnitude can cause extreme financial strain for a family that is not financially prepared for them.

Death Planning and the Benefits of Cremation

Cremations generally cost anywhere between $900 and $1,500. And in many cases, can be pre-paid well before death, which virtually eliminates any financial stress on the family.

In addition, cremation:

  • Gives families more time grieve as they plan the funeral. This also gives relatives and friends who live farther away time to make travel arrangements.
  • Provides portability of the remains, which often provides comfort to grieving family members.
  • Is extremely personal.  Many times, family members will spread the ashes of the deceased in a favorite spot, or create jewelry or art out of the remains to honor their loved one.

Now that many religious organizations accept cremations, more and more people may forego traditional burials and elect to have their remains cremated in accordance with their church’s burial requirements instead. The Catholic Church reversed its view of cremation and now permits its use. Remains must be buried in a Catholic designated cemetery, however.

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