Across Distance and Time

Death and taxes are certain. Bad timing is a certainty, too, usually for things we can’t justify missing. Both death and taxes come at bad times.

There’s never time to do your taxes. There’s never time to attend a funeral. And this is true no matter how much you love the person who died, whether any of you did your taxes or not.

Some religions require that burial take place right away and adherents still follow that requirement as much as possible. Increasingly, it is harder and harder to get everyone together in a short amount of time for a funeral. This is true because of distance and also because of life. Obviously, death interputs life, but life interupts death, too.

But if you think a bit outside of the box, none of this needs to be an issue.

Skype or Facetime

Imagine that a dear friend who lives all the way across the world dies. The availability of an airplane ticket might be scare. And the cost might be astronomical even with a bereavement fare.

However, apps like Skype and Facetime make it possible to attend the service in real time. If the people at the funeral arrange to stream the service, anyone can watch from anywhere in the world at any time.

Some people even text whole funeral videos for family and friends to watch later.

We think these are brilliant ideas. They combine the tradition of paying respects to a loved one with technology that

  • allows viewing to happen in real time
  • preserves the service forever
  • costs little to no money.

This removes a tremendous amount of guilt and stress from those who cannot attend. No one should be made to feel bad because they live faraway or can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a plane ticket. These options make all that additional heartache a thing of the past so the focus remains on what matters.

Taking Time to Make Time

Delaying the funeral service is also an option. This might work if people are traveling on a cruise and can’t be notified about a loved one’s death, or are in the hospital themselves. It might be best to wait so the funeral happens on an important date. Traditionally, most funerals occur within the week the person passes, but that’s just because that’s the usual way of doing things. There is no law or rule that mandates a funeral service within a certain period.

All sorts of issues and reasons delay funeral services and the truth is it’s no one’s business but those who call the shots. If the people in the deceased’s inner circle want to wait, or the deceased arranged things that way, then everyone else should follow suit. Whatever the circumstances, we can help.

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