Average Funeral Costs Overview

When a loved one dies, the last thing a family wants to contend with is the sticker shock associated with the many funeral costs. As the baby boomer generation is [...]

Cremation Casket Overview

What is a cremation casket? Though cremation is very quickly overtaking traditional burial in this nation, there is still an air of mystery surrounding the many options available to those [...]

Urns For Ashes Overview

The new millennium is only just 15 years old, but in that time we have seen a much broader acceptance of the practice of cremation taking hold. The Cremation Association [...]

New Gardens Provide A Place of Reflection

Cremation has been gaining in popularity versus traditional burial over the past decades. It follows, naturally, that memorial facilities tailored specifically to cremation would be developed. While that fact makes [...]

Cremation: It’s All About Choice

A disturbing number of cemetery vandalism incidences has been splashing across print and online news sources lately. Desecration and destruction of headstones, theft of personalized memorials, and hateful racial attacks [...]

Forever After With Fifi

The acceptance of cremation as an option in end-of-life planning has steadily been gaining in popularity over the past several decades. So it stands that spending eternity with your cherished [...]

All Gave Some, Some Gave All

Active duty service members and veterans are promised several end-of-life benefits by the citizens they served. Burial or interment at a National Cemetery, combined with a headstone, American flag, and [...]